A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

To our precious Jubilee Family

Happy Christmas!

Wow, can you believe we are approaching the end of another year? Looking back over the last twelve months we are overwhelmed at God’s incredible faithfulness and kindness to us as a church family. We have seen some huge changes and been through some major transitions including losing our church building, moving into our temporary home at Tree Tops School, and keeping our gaze upon the new place He has promised us in Parkwood! We have watched dear friends leave, but also welcomed in some wonderful new families and He has held us all in His loving embrace and brought us through it all.  

We have come out of Winter and are experiencing the joy and wonder of Spring and new beginnings.
The word ‘Acceleration’ was released as a prophetic statement by the Apostolic Council at the start of the year over all COTN churches, and launched us into a whole new wave of the Spirit that we are still riding.
In January we set time aside for us as individuals and as a church to consecrate ourselves afresh and seek His face. The birth of ministries including the prayer Power Hour, JLS (Jubilee Leadership School), Mosaic, and the re-launch of School of the Word are amongst many new things that have begun this year.

The end of June marked our Jubilee Family Weekend Away where Alex and Dorcas shared on the theme of ‘I hear the sound of the abundance of rain’ and we stretched our expectations for God to do the miraculous in our midst. We gave out wooden tent pegs with the invitation to put them in the ground at our Parkwood site as a prophetic act and declaration of ‘I’m putting my stake in the ground and I’m committed to the journey.’ It was a very significant time in the life of Jubilee Church and we believe it marked a poignant shift in the Spirit.

As we draw to a close this year we thank each one of you for being on the journey with us, for your love and support and for all you bring to the Bride of Christ. Thank you for serving our King and for remaining strong. We pray that this Christmas you will enjoy times of rest and relaxation, good food and time with family and friends and, most importantly, moments to reflect on how utterly wonderful our Jesus is and all that He has and continues to do in and through us.

What a wonderful opportunity on the eve of 2018 for us to pause and remember the gift of Life in the form of a baby that is still bringing ‘Joy to the world’ some two thousand years later!

Merry Christmas and may it be a rich and adventurous New Year for us all!

With Love
Neil and Hazel xx

Down is the only way up

Down is the only way up

Tony Kettle is part of the POD leadership team with decades of rich life experience. One of our Jubilee values is the importance of character over gifting or external appearance. Tony gives us some pearls of wisdom concerning the importance of foundations in our Christian lives:

There are a number of features that buildings, whatever their size, have in common and one of the most important is a foundation. So, it can be said that before going up, there is a need to go down.

The statement might sound weird but that is an essential tenet of building construction. The higher the building is intended to be, the deeper must be its foundation. It’s a principle that is found everywhere in life. If we have a goal, we have to set a foundation for it. If we want to work in a certain profession, we have to be prepared to face years of study and training. If we want to be a tradesman, we need to become an apprentice under somebody who is experienced in the trade concerned. This is what is meant by a foundation.

Viewed from another perspective, in order to find oil, mineral resources, diamonds and other precious stones, prospectors need to drill DOWN deep in the ground. Therefore, one needs to go down to find riches!!! Accordingly, to go up to where we want to be, we always have to go down. And going down takes us to places that don’t always resemble our goal. I can identify with this. In 1983 God gave me a deep desire – and a beautiful vision – to be involved in the mission field in the Great Lakes countries of East Africa. Over the years I have developed a passionate love for Africa, having spent a large part of my life in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. However, just over five years ago God brought me back to the United Kingdom – which certainly does not resemble my goal – my vision – but I have to bow to God’s wisdom!!! He directed me to Jubilee Church where I attended School of the Word in 2013/14. I subsequently realised that this intervention was necessary in order for God to create a stronger biblical foundation in my life and to address certain issues that required attention. In the interim, God’s goodness is so great that earlier this year He opened doors for me to go on mission to Zambia – a country that forms part of my vision.    

Nowhere is the concept of ‘going down’ more fundamental than in the life of the Christian. Our supreme example is the Lord Jesus Christ who gave up His Heavenly Kingship, came to earth as a human, was born in a smelly stable, became a humble carpenter and, completely undeserved, suffered a criminal’s death for our sin, before being resurrected and exalted to the right hand of the Father (Philippians 2:5-11). So, if we want to be Christ like, we need to follow His example of modesty, as the scriptures clearly indicate:   

“The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom, and humility comes before honor.” (Proverbs 15:33 ESV)

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11 ESV)

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you…” (1 Peter 5:6 ESV)

Most people see promotion as climbing their way, over everybody else, to the top of the pile! Jesus, on the other hand, sees it differently:

“But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.” (Matthew 23:11 NKJV)

I am reminded of our Lord’s exhortation that, as “branches” of the “True Vine”, we bear MUCH fruit (John 15:8). On this point, when a natural branch of a vine or other fruit tree bears MUCH fruit – when it is heavily laden with good fruit – it sags DOWNWARDS with the sheer weight of it. So, that is the direction we should take!!!


Tony Kettle

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash


What’s Coming Up

What’s Coming Up

If you missed us at celebration on Sunday, here are some important dates and events coming up:

  • Jubilee Christmas Carols – Sunday 23rd December 10-11am. Come and enjoy a morning of Christmas carols, mulled wine and mince pies. Friends and family welcome.

  • Jubilee Church will NOT be meeting for Sunday Celebration on Dec 30th. Enjoy time with family and friends

  • Jubilee Leadership School Term 2 – This 4-part course is divided into two sections with two fantastic facilitators. The first sessions are hosted by Alex Afriyie who will unpack your personal leadership growth and give you some practical tools to grow as a leader. The next two session are hosted by Tony Faulkner who will work with you to identify your core giftings using the strengthsfinder process.
    • Dates: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan 2019
    • Time: 7.30-9pm
    • Venue: Jubilee Resource Hub (9 Ashford Rd, ME14 5BJ)
    • Cost: £30

  • Rutland Woods – Needs some TLC to clear the paths and remove some undergrowth as well as reparing a small bridge and general tidying up. We need a small band of helpers on the morning of Saturday 19th January. We will start at 9am and aim to finish by about 1pm. If you would like to help please email tim.biddlecombe@jubilee.co.
  • We also need one or two to provide refreshments during the morning – a camp fire will be burning! If you are able to loan us a petrol brushcutter we would be grateful.
  • If you can’t help on the 19th, we’ll be holding more work parties on 23rd Feb and 30th Mar.









Jubilee Leadership School – Term one Testomonies

Jubilee Leadership School – Term one Testomonies

Term One of Jubilee Leadership School (JLS) has come to an end! After what seems like an age ago when the first sessions launched for the wider body, the term has suddenly gone so quickly.

JLS is a newly compiled course, consisting of material aligned with the core values of CotN and new material aimed at equipping the students for personal and organisational leadership. The course has been designed to be conversational and reflective, allowing for peer-to-peer mentoring. Each week a core topic is covered and a worksheet provided, highlighting some key questions, practical application and prayer points. The students have group time each week looking at a worksheet together and discussing. The first term covered some core biblical foundations for life, and core CotN values. Over 10 weeks, we looked at several biblical precepts in a fresh way, including:

  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom and Leadership
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Sonship
  • Hebraic Mentality in Leadership
  • Functions of a Kingdom Leader

The final week included feedback from each student on their learning, what God has spoken to them about and how their leadership has and will change. It’s incredible to see how God has worked in the lives of all the students and it’s been a privilege to be on this journey with them.

“I am pleased l was able to join JLS as l have enjoyed getting to know the other members of the team. Its been great delving into the scriptures and see once again how important it is to have our relationship with Father Son and Holy Spirit because everything we are and do comes from that – exciting times ahead” – Paula

The course has been facilitated by several speakers throughout the term, and by the amazing Emma Wilson, Ben and Anna Johnson who have helped serve each week. A massive thanks goes to them who have helped to make this happen, serving faithfully each week.

Looking ahead, we are really excited about Term Two, which works under the title of ‘Personal Leadership’. This term will take the students on a deeper journey in their personal lives and leadership. We are changing the format to a more modular format allowing students to sign up for specific modules, rather than a 10-week term.

“Jubilee Leadership School this term has been a great opportunity to grow by sharing our experiences of leadership under the inspiration of biblical principles. I was personally encouraged by the group discussions each week when we applied the teaching to our own settings. Early in the term, Andy Faulkner spoke on God as Father, which challenged me to go deeper in relating to Him as “Abba, Father”. For me this was one of the key foundations that put into context the rest of the term’s teaching on the Kingdom of God and our role as His sons.” – Daniel

We have two modules ready to go for Term Two, both of which are new to Jubilee and are going to be brilliant. The first module, called ‘identifying and growing in your personal leadership’, starts on Tuesday 8th January and runs for four consecutive Tuesdays. The first two weeks are being facilitated by Alex Afriyie, a fantastic leadership speaker and coach, who will be helping students to understand and identify their leadership journey and growth. The next two Tuesdays will be facilitated by Tony Faulkner, who will be taking students through a process called ‘strengthsfinder’, helping them to identify their core gifts and how to use them. We will have limited spaces for this module, so please book on by emailing your details to office@jubilee.co The module costs £30, to include all material.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all who have helped to make JLS happen, to the students who have turned up faithfully each week, completed their worksheets and made it a great term and to those who have prayed and supported us. We are looking forward to Term Two with expectation!

Much love, Dan


What’s Coming Up

What’s Coming Up

If you missed us at celebration on Sunday, here are some important dates and events coming up:

  • Jubilee Nativity Sunday 16th December 10-11.45am. Come and join us for a morning of festive fun. Wear your favorite Christmas attire – jumper, hats or tinsel. Friends and family welcome.
  • Jubilee Christmas Carols Sunday 23rd December 10-11am. Come and enjoy a morning of Christmas carols, mulled wine and mince pies. Friends and family welcome.







  • If you would like to sponsor a Reni child by giving £10 towards a present purchased in Reni contact Jutta Nuumann for more details (jutta.neumann@restoringhands.org.uk)






Freedom Thinking

Freedom Thinking

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1

What a powerful message in the lead up to Christmas. A fundamental core of our Christ message is the freedom that Jesus brings to us morally, socially, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Freedom Thinking

Chapter 4 of Galatians gives us the wonderful context for this powerful statement that ‘God sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God.’ (Galatians 4:3-7) With the major battlefield each Christian faces being in our minds, Satan wants to spoil our freedom with lies such as:

  • we are unloved rather than loved
  • we are ugly and ordinary rather than beautiful and wonderfully made
  • we have nothing to offer or contribute rather we can make a difference with our abilities and involvement
  • ‘no one cares about me’ rather than ‘we are cherished by God and part of a loving community of God’s people’?

The enemy is committed to ‘steal kill and destroy’, but the Word of God promises us freedom. Wrong thinking can place us in slavery, even after we become Christians. One of our key values in Church of the Nations is – Hebrew rather than a Greek mentality. This speaks of a biblical way of thinking (represented by ancient Hebrew or Hebraic) that brings freedom, in contrast to a worldly way of thinking (represented by ancient Greek). Here is a quick explanation of the differences between Greek and Hebraic thought.

Ancient Greek Thought

Alexander the Great conquered many of the great civilisations of the world around 323BC. He wanted to civilise or ‘Greek-ify’ the world – called Hellenisation. This way of thinking was human-centred ( not God-centred) and very different to the Ancient Hebraic thought found in the Bible (I elaborate further on) – and it still affects us today. Greek thought is about handling things in a legal way, as if you were in a court of law. As an example, my time at school was relatively functional and cold. We sang some fantastic hymns in assembly but, what I was presented with, was a version of God who was distant – if he/she or it even existed at all. Very much, ‘you are up there, and I am down here’.

Law Courts are behind the thinking of our large church buildings and cathedrals – often presenting God as someone who is distant and far off (reflected in their architecture and rituals) – giving you a sense that you can ‘taste a bit of heaven’ that awaits only when you leave this slightly ‘rubbish life’. One of worst extremes of Law Court mentality is children calling dad ‘sir’ – some generations may have experienced this in their relationship with their own fathers. Greek thought deals with philosophy, abstract thought, debating and theory. The word academic can mean ‘not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.’

“Greek thought deals with philosophy, abstract thought, debating and theory. The word academic can mean ‘not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.'”

Our surrounding culture has become filled with aspects of Greek mindset present in  Post Modern thinking.

  • Existentialism – you are a sum of your experiences.
  • Pluralism – we can hold many conflicting truths at the same time ‘You tell me your truth and I’ll tell you mine.’
  • Relativism – there are no absolutes, everything is relative.
    Disconnection with our past can weaken identity. The question is, can we truly formulate British values without reference to the influence, foundation and impact of our Christian past?

Ancient Hebraic thought

Hebraic thought starts with, and revolves around, Father and family. God reveals Himself as Father – the ‘source and sustainer’ or all-round-provider of everything we could ever need. The bible starts with Genesis – God who made us, who gave us a reason why we were made, and tells us our purpose on earth. God places us in families, a primary place of connection. Why? to learn from the example and life modelled to us by parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings.

When it comes to our responsibility for the world around us, for education, social care and care for the vulnerable, it should start with family. Schools and hospitals and welfare are a blessing and a support, but responsibility should not primarily lie with the state – it should come from family. Personally speaking, the understanding of God as Father with me as His son has set me free from viewing God in a ritualistic and legalistic way. The result is a life of relationship, not of duty. It has been a journey of discovery and I still have much to learn. Ancient Hebrew thought is characterised by reality, what is concrete, the experiential and engaging with life.

“You may believe God is love – but do you believe God really loves you and wants to engage with your life? Not just the people next to you?”

You may believe God is love – but do you believe God really loves you and wants to engage with your life? Not just the people next to you? This has changed my thinking. God is not simply an ‘opinion’ to be pondered about, He is a real, living, breathing, and fantastic loving Dad who wants to live life alongside us.

Dangers for the Western Church

Adopting a Greek mind-set can result in the following:

  • church can become a spectator sport
  • chairs are arranged theatre-style facing a stage where the ‘hired holy man’ entertains the crowd
  • churchgoers receive their weekly input but their lives remain largely prayer-less, biblically illiterate and lacking outreach to others

For the hebrew mind, everything is theological (relating to the study of God). Kingdom thinking makes no distinction between the sacred and the secular areas of life. All of life is spiritual, known as ‘holistic living’. God is interested and part of every part of life – our trials and joys. ‘I have set the LORD always before me’ (Ps. 16:8).

What answer can we provide to counter this weakness of the Western mind-set in church context? We can get rid of the compartmentalised Western thinking of ‘Religion is a system of ethics, a code of conduct, an ideology, or creed’ by viewing our faith as a daily journey or walk with God (Gen. 5:24; 6:9). If a person knows God, he is daily at God’s disposal and walks in close relationship with him, along the road of life.

God invites us to live a life of true freedom. He shouts,

‘I am your loving Father. I want to walk with you in life. Will you walk with me?’

Let’s get our thinking right and walk in the freedom Christ has won for us.

– Article by Neil Pattison


What’s Coming Up

What’s Coming Up

If you missed us at celebration on Sunday, here are some important dates and events coming up:

  • Jubilee Nativity Sunday 16th December 10-11.45am. Come and join us for a morning of festive fun. Wear your favorite Christmas attire – jumper, hats or tinsel. Friends and family welcome.
  • Jubilee Christmas Carols Sunday 23rd December 10-11am. Come and enjoy a morning of Christmas carols, mulled wine and mince pies. Friends and family welcome.

  • Young Adults Home Group Thursday 6th December at Vine Church 7.30-9.30pm. Evening of fellowship, pizza and worship. Please bring £3 to cover cost of pizza and drinks. Contact Charlie Dyer (07502 202 821) or Josh Pattison (07455 154 955). Open to all young adults.






  • If you would like to sponsor a Reni child by giving £10 towards a present purchased in Reni or would like to sponsor a local child contact Jutta Nuumann for more details (jutta.neumann@restoringhands.org.uk)

  • Live Nativity (Waypoint event) Sunday 9th December 3-5pm at Kent Life