What’s Coming Up

What’s Coming Up

Reni Bake Fundraiser

This Sunday 13th October, Wikus and Breggie’s home group will be baking an assortment of cakes to raise funds for our friends in Reni.  Make sure to bring some change for some tasty cakes and to make a donation towards all the good work they are doing there! Want to hear more about they do? Have a chat with Wikus or catch Uwe and Jutta who will be visiting them soon!

Joining The Jubilee Family

New to Jubilee? You are invited to come along and meet our leadership team, and find out more about who we are as a church family This Coming Sunday 13th October | Time: 6-8pm at 9 Ashford Road, Jubilee Resource Hub ME145BJ | Click here to RSVP ( If you’re having trouble signing up, please email office@jubilee.co)

Ashburnham Early Bird Ends Soon!

Early Bird Prices expire 31st October 2019! Standard: Adult £150 / Child £56 | Ensuite: Adult £180 / Child £66 | Click here to book your spot!

Rutland Woods Work Party!

We have a Rutland Woods Work Party coming up Saturday 26th October 9am -2pm! If you’d like to help out, please contact Tim Biddlecombe for more details: tim.biddlecombe@jubilee.co

Your Church Family Needs You!

As we prepare for the Promised Land ( the new church building), we need volunteers in the following area: 
Serving Team (contact Philip Wood at philip.wood@jubilee.co)
Habitation Youth Team (contact Ben Doggett at ben.doggett@jubilee.co)
POD Children’s Team (contact Mel Lewis at mel.lewis@jubilee.co)

If you would like to be involved in any of the above-mentioned ministries, please contact the appropriate person.

Care For The Family – ” Left to their own devices?”

Care for the Family are holding an event “Left to their own devices?” November 28, 2019 held at St Luke’s Maidstone, ME14 5AR. We really encourage those with children to book on to attend this course, as the content is so relevant to family life today. Sign up here: https://www.careforthefamily.org.uk/events/owndevices

Join our Mailing List!

If you’d like to be added into our mailing list, please contact us at office@jubilee.co

Want to connect in?

Homegroup is a great way to get to know people without the bustle of Sunday! Contact us at office@jubilee.co and we’ll get our pastoral team in touch 🙂

Reni Bake Sale Fundraiser!

Reni Bake Sale Fundraiser!

SAVE THE DATE! | October 13th after Sunday Celebration
We’re holding a mini bake sale to raise money for our friends in Reni Ukraine. All donations for the cakes will go directly to Reni. So get those tummies rumbling, start saving up your loose change and save that date!

Entering the Promised Land Series

Entering the Promised Land Series

Exodus 12:25 ‘When you enter the land which the Lord will give you, as He has promised’ 

We are entering a significant time in the life of Jubilee Church. Many years of praying and searching have led us to this moment in time. The Lord has provided a property that fits our calling as the ‘ekklesia of God’, and we are poised on the banks of the River Jordan. 

The picture of God’s people temporarily ‘tabernacling’ in a tent while they journeyed through the desert on the way to Canaan has been referenced several times in the past 12 months. The Children of Israel were clinging to the promises of God made to Abraham 500 years previously. Forty years wandering in the desert may have seemed wasted time to the Hebrews but God used the opportunity to teach, train, equip and prepare His people for what they would face in the land of Canaan. 

Over the next few months, we will look at the theme of ‘Enter the Promised Land’, considering how we need to prepare our hearts and arrange our lives in readiness for serving the King of Kings. 

What we do in the property is of major importance but, like the Hebrews, we must not lose sight of the most fundamental lesson missed by most of Israel: we are to know who we are and whose we are. How do we prepare ourselves? Spending time with Jesus daily, praying and reading His word. We confess Jesus is Lord daily, asking Him to come into our lives and move our furniture around to suit His purposes. We offer up all we possess – skills and gifts, finance, possessions and time – available on a daily basis to see His Kingdom come. 

We are entering a significant time – come and join us on the journey. 

Numbers 13:30 “Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will surely overcome it.” 

– Article by Neil Pattison