To our precious Jubilee Family

Happy Christmas!

Wow, can you believe we are approaching the end of another year? Looking back over the last twelve months we are overwhelmed at God’s incredible faithfulness and kindness to us as a church family. We have seen some huge changes and been through some major transitions including losing our church building, moving into our temporary home at Tree Tops School, and keeping our gaze upon the new place He has promised us in Parkwood! We have watched dear friends leave, but also welcomed in some wonderful new families and He has held us all in His loving embrace and brought us through it all.  

We have come out of Winter and are experiencing the joy and wonder of Spring and new beginnings.
The word ‘Acceleration’ was released as a prophetic statement by the Apostolic Council at the start of the year over all COTN churches, and launched us into a whole new wave of the Spirit that we are still riding.
In January we set time aside for us as individuals and as a church to consecrate ourselves afresh and seek His face. The birth of ministries including the prayer Power Hour, JLS (Jubilee Leadership School), Mosaic, and the re-launch of School of the Word are amongst many new things that have begun this year.

The end of June marked our Jubilee Family Weekend Away where Alex and Dorcas shared on the theme of ‘I hear the sound of the abundance of rain’ and we stretched our expectations for God to do the miraculous in our midst. We gave out wooden tent pegs with the invitation to put them in the ground at our Parkwood site as a prophetic act and declaration of ‘I’m putting my stake in the ground and I’m committed to the journey.’ It was a very significant time in the life of Jubilee Church and we believe it marked a poignant shift in the Spirit.

As we draw to a close this year we thank each one of you for being on the journey with us, for your love and support and for all you bring to the Bride of Christ. Thank you for serving our King and for remaining strong. We pray that this Christmas you will enjoy times of rest and relaxation, good food and time with family and friends and, most importantly, moments to reflect on how utterly wonderful our Jesus is and all that He has and continues to do in and through us.

What a wonderful opportunity on the eve of 2018 for us to pause and remember the gift of Life in the form of a baby that is still bringing ‘Joy to the world’ some two thousand years later!

Merry Christmas and may it be a rich and adventurous New Year for us all!

With Love
Neil and Hazel xx