Family Overseas Part 1: Update from Glenn & Bek Robinson

Family Overseas Part 1: Update from Glenn & Bek Robinson

My dad has said on many occasions that we are like cats, always landing on our feet, but we know that is no coincidence.

To our wonderful Jubilee family,

Can you believe it’s been nine months since we left Maidstone and began this new chapter back in Australia.

God has been so good to us, going before us and preparing the way. My dad has said on many occasions that we are like cats, always landing on our feet, but we know that is no coincidence.

We have seen so many prayers answered: provision of cars, jobs, home, friendships and most recently a church family. However in the early days it all felt extremely overwhelming- Australia is a big place and there were so many decisions to be made regarding where exactly we would settle.

One day, while worshiping at Glenn’s parent’s church, I felt God give me (Bek) a picture. It was of a map with a line drawn linking various points which led to a large x marking the destination point. I felt God say that He had a specific destination in mind. A location where He intended to plant us, and use us for His Glory, but only He had the map that would take us there. We would need to trust in His leading to each new point on the map.

This has certainly been our experience. God is so unbelievably faithful!



So where are we on the map now?

Glenn is working for a company called Anglicare. It is a Christian organisation who provide various care facilities to the community. He manages the marketing of the aged care facilities across Sydney which he says is “thrilling”.

I was working for Fresh Hope as Andrew Balls Executive Assistant but I have recently changed roles…and become a mummy to two beautiful boys!!

While twin parenthood has its challenges, God’s mercies are new every day and we are loving it.

Our only sadness is that our Jubilee family aren’t with us to share in the daily journey with our two little miracles- they are pretty amazing little guys. We wish you could all come and give some cuddles!

Finally, we’ve recently joined a core team pioneering a Fresh Hope church in our local area. It’s in its very early stages but already God is opening so many doors into the community and giving favour with the leaders and authorities. We are personally enjoying the small faith community and relationships the group provides.

We miss you all SO much, and love hearing from you, so please keep up your messages even if it takes us a little longer than usual to get back to you.

Love lots Glenn, Bek, Cole and Jesse

acts life cluster time in devon

Acts Life Cluster Time in Devon

‘The building of His church within Acts Life Cluster has been activated’

Before I get into talking about the primary focus of the family time away, Rani and I must speak well of the Jubilee team along with their contribution to facilitate such an outstanding and inspiring time at the Acts Life Cluster time in Devon. The entire experience was really first class, from the venue, to our accommodation, along with the hard work of staff team at Sidholme Hotel, who attended to our needs with excellence.

The conference programme ran at an exceptionally profitable speed which allowed time for what we feel is the core ingredient of a memorable occasion, the ability to develop relationships with God and men.  This article will not permit me the time to divulge all of what took place during the weekend, but we are happy to report that the clans at the Acts Life Cluster are preparing for the release of the new sound, the new wine and the new move of the Holy Spirit. Many times during the weekend it felt like Father wanted to do something very special in and through His children.

Many seemed to sense that something incredible is about to take place, not only in the spiritual realm or within the Acts Life Cluster, but within ministries, families and people. Maybe we are beginning to understand that His timing is everything.

The scheduling of the sessions meant there was plenty of time to reflect, reveal, respond and be revitalised. The theme of this Cluster time was titled ‘Accelerating the Dream’. It seemed each speaker allowed the Spirit of God to create momentum for the following speaker, which generated a real foundation for our ability to hear and receive. Each song service seemed to touch the heart of God which allowed Him to touch our hearts in return, which in turn opened our ears to hear what the Spirit would say. We heard the call for the prophetic Word to come back to the body. We heard that Father wants to release the commissioning of the sons by the fathers. We heard that God wants to touch the Seven Mountain mandate with His anointed vessels.


The time has come to set a new sail as the Spirit is moving. Joshua Pattison during his session said,

“to walk in the fullness of the cycle, you have to become a son”.

That’s what we personally have received as the golden nugget of our time together. I encourage you to listen to the recordings of this Cluster time to find yours.

We enjoyed meeting new people and reconnecting with others. We ate with many, went to the beach with others, and enjoyed sharing stories with others. We got to know others in a deeper way. We went swimming with some, we laughed with some, we cried with some, washed the feet of some, but were ministered to and refreshed by everyone. The building of His church within Acts Life Cluster has been activated.

-Calvin and Rani (Lead couple at SevenPillars)


jump in weekend away

Jump In Weekend Away

‘Jump In’ Jubilee Church Weekend in Ashburnham

After 18 months of planning and preparation, the church weekend arrived with the theme ‘I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.’ In my mind, I was instantly thrown back to the last time Jubilee had its weekend away here in 2004 when I met the amazing Brookchild family for the very first time.

In the middle of an outstanding English summer and England doing well in the World Cup (Belgium too, of course), we arrived on a late Friday afternoon at the Ashburnham estate, nestled in a beautiful part of the East Sussex countryside.

We enjoyed a ‘getting to know you time’ standing in circles on the main croquet lawn before retiring to the bonfire area for outsize marshmallows roasted on twigs, chatting in groups around the warm embers until the sun finally faded and darkness took over. My enduring memories are groups of children talking on the field, the middle aged men’s group reminiscing with one another, and Jonathan Harrison eating more marshmallows than anyone else.

Once we had consumed our hearty breakfasts, we gathered for a short Saturday morning session to hear three of the eldership couples share honestly about their recent journey in the areas of ‘Conformed to Christ’, ‘Compelled by Love’, and ‘Changing our World.’ Josh Afriyie joined the Habitation youth in the Dairy sharing about his experiences being filled with the Holy Spirit.

After morning tea and cake, Ben and Kaat placed us in 5 big groups for the ‘Big Activity’. Designed for all ages, each team competed in a mental challenge, a sound challenge and a large scale ‘Capture the inflatable mascot’ challenge on the lawn in front of the ornamental lake. Sweat was pouring off the runners who were in danger of overheating until a time out provided a welcome cooling off time in the paddling pools.

Everyone made full use of afternoon free time around the grounds. A large group arrived at the swimming area for an extra special session in the lake. Various groups managed to climb onto the floating pontoon, some of us resembling seals starring in a David Attenborough nature programme. A number of the younger children showed off their swimming skills, often flanked by the courageous ‘Guardian of the Lake’ Mark Franks. As the group holding a baptismal arrived, the remaining swimmers reluctantly left the lake to dry off for our evening meal. Tim Price deflated his paddle board after offering an ‘aqua taxi’ service to several young passengers.

The evening worship session was electric and powerful led capably by Steve and the worship team – what a volume of singing from the body!

Alex and Dorcas, long-term friends of Jubilee from London Network Church, spoke passionately with anointing with the message ‘Resting brings Acceleration’. The sense of God’s presence continued as we prayed for varying age groups starting with the children.

Many continued to chat late into the night and play card games until tiredness won and we all retired (apart from reports of a select group who conversed on the lawn until 3am!)

Waking up Sunday morning, the fantastic weather continued and everyone was in a holiday mood. We met in the main hall for testimonies and a beautiful dance performed by the mother and daughter Coltart combo. Chloe and Molly brought tears to the eyes of many with their graceful and anointed moves. Hazel brought a challenge from the garden of Eden of ‘Where are You?’ before Ruth shared her vision of wooden tent pegs providing a ‘Stake in the Ground’ for the new building at Langley Park/Parkwood. Looking at the Bible passages of 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 (prayer of Jabez), Proverbs 22:28 (do not move the boundary marker) and Isaiah 54:2-3 (enlarge the place of your tent), we received the encouragement to write our name and a scripture on the tent peg in recognition of the land the Lord has given us. We will meet for a BBQ at the new building on Thursday 19 July where we can drive our pegs into the ground as part of what the Lord is doing in Jubilee.

What a weekend. What a sense of new identity and moving forward in the purposes of God. What a privilege to draw on the richness of our past journey and embrace the newness of the way ahead.

The hot weather may continue, England (or Belgium) may (or may not) win the World Cup, BUT Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, AND He will lead us into green pastures and blessing. Let us embrace this period of acceleration from a place of His rest.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the weekend very special.

Neil Pattison

Unlocking the Bible Devotional – James 1:2-3

Unlocking the Bible Devotional – James 1:2-3

James 1:2-3 NLT
Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

For me testing my faith means taking me out of my comfort zone. At the beginning of my year in SOTW my comfort zone was extremely small. I am quite shy, a definite introvert and fear comes easily. Things that most people can take in their stride causes me to run and hide.On SOTW, as most of you know, we go on mission. For our year it was announced we would be going to Ukraine. I freaked, my worst nightmare! To be truthful I wasn’t even sure where Ukraine was. My reaction was, “Great have a lovely time, but I’m not going.” Other years had gone to Cornwall or Scotland, I could even have managed Germany. But Ukraine was just too much.

Yeah I got the talk, “You don’t have to go, we can’t make you.” Followed by, “What exactly are you afraid of? How can we help you? We are all there for you.” No one has ever come to me before, seen my fear and offered support. My heart melted. I knew I had to go. The alternative was telling people why I hadn’t gone, which was possibly more fearful than actually going.

So I went, with total support and encouragement from my wonderful leaders and fellow students…….and I had the most amazing time. In fact it was the highlight of my year. God was stretching me, but he brought people along side to help me on the journey.

I look back and sometimes cannot believe the things I did. From staying in a house with a host that spoke no English, to speaking to a hall of people through a translator and of course the dreaded squat toilets!!God is so gracious, I was tested and for me it was beyond what I could cope with. Yet God provided the support I needed to be stretched. And yes I count it as great joy. My faith was certainly stretched and my comfort zone got a little bit bigger.

Am I still fearful? Yes. But I know God is in control. He doesn’t test us to see if we pass or fail. He does it out of his heart of love for us, so we can grow into the people he wants. The people who can testify to the world of the goodness of our God.

– Devotional by Jackie Lawrence, SOTW staff

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Pod Article

POD 2018

POD has kicked off the New Year with many new and exciting developments. The first being the launch of Seedlings for 2 to 4 year olds (see Anni’s article for info).

All our children are now included for the beginning of Celebration – a new approach to Children’s Ministry with an emphasis on being together as FAMILY and an opportunity for our young ones to grow in their faith through the example of their parents and church family.

Sprout (Years R to 3) and Thrive (Years 4 to 6) have started Term 2 with our new curriculum. This curriculum endeavours to teach Biblical truths in engaging and age appropriate ways. It also helps us to support families at home by providing children with weekly devotionals that relate to the lesson, along with information for parents about what we have been learning so you can carry on the conversation at home.

We hope that you will enjoy all of these new developments!

– Mel Lewis, POD Leader



“The greatest encouragement you can give your child for life has little to do with material security, but it is the confidence that GOD is GOOD and is HIS FATHER.”

For a long time now I had it on my heart to work with the little ones. Seeing how my own 3 year old son engages with the Bible stories we read at home reminded me that this age is so precious and we can’t miss the opportunity to start teaching our little ones how great God is, from early on.

Seedlings will be run alternate weeks at 10:30am for ages 2 – 4 (2 year old’s need to be with a parent). We will sing songs and listen to a Bible story, and there will be time for a lot of playing and painting. Oh, and by the way – no more biscuits and squash, our snack time is fruit and water! I am really excited about what God wants to do with our little ones and I’ll see you upstairs.


– Anni Garcia, Seedlings Leader

build a place for me to dwell

Build a place for me to dwell

So. We are moving to a new location in Parkwood/Langley Park. At the moment the land is pretty desolate and barren – a footprint, a shell of what it will be. But it is ours. God has given it to us.

We own the land.

He has miraculously provided the place. After years of temporary housing, we are about to embark on making home, putting down roots and cultivating the land. Over the last year I have been asking Jesus, “what do you want us to build? What’s it meant to look like?” He whispered into my heart, “build a place for my Glory to dwell.”

Looking back in the Old Testament there were places built for His Glory – temples, sanctuaries etc. But now His Glory no longer dwells in physical places, through Christ He dwells in us, in our hearts as His bride, His church. I sense God is saying that although we physically journey up the road to Parkwood/Langley Park, it’s actually a spiritual journey that we are embarking on. He is preparing our hearts to be a ‘place for His Glory to dwell.’ He’s not looking for a beautiful building with all the ‘bells and whistles’ to reflect His Glory, He is looking for hearts fully surrendered and devoted to Him; a people ready to invade a space on the earth, allowing His light to shine, His manifold wisdom to be manifest; a beacon to the lost, carrying a message of hope to the broken. The world is desperate for the truth of the gospel message. It is desperate to hear the Good News of the Gospel! Are we ready to shout it?

Tony Fitzgerald, when he visited us recently, shared his observation of our times and it resonated with me. He felt that last time, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was primarily for the building up of the Church – signs, wonders and the charismatic movement; but this time he believes it will be an outpouring on the unsaved, and it will not happen inside our church buildings but outside amongst the lost, for the lost.

Father God is calling us to be a people set apart. Ready to serve Him unreservedly. Am I willing to pray for His Holy Spirit to cause an uncomfortable prodding in my heart and spirit? Can I, like David pray,

“Search me oh God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts? See if there is any offensive way in me?” – Psalm 139.

Am I willing to be weighed and measured by Jesus? Willing to give things up for the sake of gaining Christ? (Philippians 3:8).

“How will anyone know that You look favourably upon me, on me and Your people, if You don’t go with us? For your presence among us sets your people and me apart from all the other people on the earth.”- Exodus 33:16

Call to holiness

We are your leaders’, we are not the Holy Spirit. We encourage, but only the Holy Spirit convicts. He does not condemn us, but He convicts us, prods us and lovingly challenges us to get our lives right with Him and one another.

He is the radical fire who purges and removes the dross. We as your leaders are not called to put heavy, ungodly yokes on you, but to cheer you on in your pursuit of the things of God. We invite you to join us in consecrating our hearts and setting ourselves apart afresh for God’s purposes this year. Let me leave you with this beautiful promise from His word,

“And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.” – Ezekiel 36:26 (NLT)

Come Lord Jesus, give us tender, responsive hearts toward you and one another.

– Hazel Pattison