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We believe our relationship with God outworks in several different directions: God to people, people to God, and people to people.

God reveals Himself in our lives on two levels: small scale closeness and involvement in our lives – God’s immanence – and large scale presence beyond our material and physical world, provoking wonder and awe – God’s transcendence.  Our meeting times together are designed to nurture and facilitate all of these aspects of God.

Meeting Together

Sunday Celebration means meeting together in a large group, with corporate worship and an opportunity to explore the bigger picture. Home Groups meeting one evening each week provide a smaller family-feel environment allowing discussion and closer friendship. We love to enjoy the richness and variety of our extended family and spend time together at various events, ranging from Church weekends away, to men’s or women’s groups, informal social gatherings, to picnics and beach days.

Fun, family, making memories and walking on a life journey together are at the heart of Jubilee Church.

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Home Groups

To be a part of the life of Jubilee Church is almost impossible unless you have an opportunity to give and receive love and encouragement in a small group setting. All the Home Groups and Home Group leaders are served by a Pastoral Team.

The Pastoral Team provide help and encouragement and will often visit Thursday evenings to join in with whatever is going on.

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