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We recognise the one universal church of all believers, so we don’t have a membership at Jubilee.

Everyone is welcome to our Sunday celebrations, and many people enjoy being part of a home group without making a long-term commitment. We do, however, believe that alignment with godly leadership arranged under a specific church eldership is healthy and part of God’s will for all Christians.

We have occasonal family time meetings that are only open to those who have made a clear commitment to Jubilee – like any family there might be news that isn’t ready to be shared publicly, and sensitive details about people’s needs for prayer and support.

Becoming part of Jubilee Church involves three things:

A leading from Jesus that Jubilee may be the right church for you and your family.

Spending time with members of the Jubilee eldership confirming that you agree with our direction, vision, heart and ethos.  Attendance at a Welcome to Jubilee event is a key part of this.

If you have come from another church, ensuring that you have no unresolved issues with previous church leadership or members. Or for new Christians, you might be encouraged to attend Alpha or another course to help understand more about what it means to be part of a church family and a follower of Jesus.

There is no test to pass, and we don’t expect you to be the perfect Christian! We’re all on a journey, and Joining the Jubilee Family is about making sure you’re signing up to the team that’s right for you and starting your walk with Jubilee in the best possible way.

Run the race

If you think Jubilee is the right place to continue your journey, please speak to your home group leader or one of the elders about attending the next Welcome to Jubilee event.