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All of our celebrations are broadcast live online, and sermons or talks can be downloaded afterwards.

If you’ve got other plans, need a day off or you’re feeling under the weather, then you can still join in with the Sunday celebrations. We broadcast the entire celebration live worldwide over the internet, with song words and any video or images that are used for the talk.

Our licenses don’t allow us to offer the entire celebration for download, but each sermon or talk is made into a podcast – both audio and video versions are available. You can subscribe to the podcast on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and have it automatically downloaded so you can catch up whenever you find a free moment.

my Jubilee

To access online content you need to register for my Jubilee. If you’ve ever booked an event with Jubilee, you probably have a profile already. If not, it’s simple to register with your email address.

Anyone who is a part of the Jubilee family can join in with Sunday celebrations and download podcasts. If you come along on a Sunday, you’re part of a home group or you’re a friend of Jubilee as part of our worldwide family then once you’ve created your my Jubilee profile, just fill out the form below to ask the church office team to update your profile to allow access.

Some content just isn’t suitable for sharing with everyone – future plans that are still being developed, personal details for prayer and support, or materials that are for people who’ve signed up to a particular course or event. If you let the office team know who you are using the contact form, they will make sure you have the correct access added to your profile.

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Do you already have a My Jubilee profile? Then please go to the login page and take it from there. If not, please go to the register page and create your own login.

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Please make sure you are registered and can log in to the website. After that, fill in the form to request access to my Jubilee resources.

    Please use the email that is registered with My Jubilee

    If you are part of the Jubilee Body, please tell us which home group you are part of