Problems Registering for an Account

If you have not received your confirmation email, please check your spam or junk mail boxes as the email is likely to be in there. If you still cannot find it, please use the contact form to send us an email and we will enable your account for you.


How do I make a booking?

From the events page of the site, click on the View Details button next to any event and then follow the on-screen instructions like any online shopping site.  Click below for a picture walk-through of the booking process:

Why do I need to create an account?

Creating an account makes it much easier for us to keep track of who has booked into events, allows you to amend or update your booking, and allows us to contact you via email to give you further details or documents for your booking.  For more information about the data we store and your rights, please see the Terms & Conditions.


What do I do if I need to change or cancel my booking?

If you need to amend the details of your booking, log in using your username and password, then click the “My Bookings” link to amend your details.  If you need to cancel tickets and obtain a refund, please contact the organiser of your event, or use the Contact Us page if you’re not able to contact the event organiser directly.

Click below for a picture walk-through for amending your bookings:

Can I pay without using PayPal?

It’s usually much easier for us if you pay using PayPal.  If it’s not an option for you, then you can arrange to make payment directly to the event organiser.  If you wish to do this, choose the Invoice payment method when registering your event, as in the picture below, and contact the event organiser to make payment.