My dad has said on many occasions that we are like cats, always landing on our feet, but we know that is no coincidence.

To our wonderful Jubilee family,

Can you believe it’s been nine months since we left Maidstone and began this new chapter back in Australia.

God has been so good to us, going before us and preparing the way. My dad has said on many occasions that we are like cats, always landing on our feet, but we know that is no coincidence.

We have seen so many prayers answered: provision of cars, jobs, home, friendships and most recently a church family. However in the early days it all felt extremely overwhelming- Australia is a big place and there were so many decisions to be made regarding where exactly we would settle.

One day, while worshiping at Glenn’s parent’s church, I felt God give me (Bek) a picture. It was of a map with a line drawn linking various points which led to a large x marking the destination point. I felt God say that He had a specific destination in mind. A location where He intended to plant us, and use us for His Glory, but only He had the map that would take us there. We would need to trust in His leading to each new point on the map.

This has certainly been our experience. God is so unbelievably faithful!



So where are we on the map now?

Glenn is working for a company called Anglicare. It is a Christian organisation who provide various care facilities to the community. He manages the marketing of the aged care facilities across Sydney which he says is “thrilling”.

I was working for Fresh Hope as Andrew Balls Executive Assistant but I have recently changed roles…and become a mummy to two beautiful boys!!

While twin parenthood has its challenges, God’s mercies are new every day and we are loving it.

Our only sadness is that our Jubilee family aren’t with us to share in the daily journey with our two little miracles- they are pretty amazing little guys. We wish you could all come and give some cuddles!

Finally, we’ve recently joined a core team pioneering a Fresh Hope church in our local area. It’s in its very early stages but already God is opening so many doors into the community and giving favour with the leaders and authorities. We are personally enjoying the small faith community and relationships the group provides.

We miss you all SO much, and love hearing from you, so please keep up your messages even if it takes us a little longer than usual to get back to you.

Love lots Glenn, Bek, Cole and Jesse