I can’t quite believe that it has been 18 months since being in the UK, It feels like it was only a few
months ago that we left, but so much has changed.

We are currently living and working in the beautiful city of Cape Town which is far from what we ever imagined or expected. We started our journey in KwaZulu Natal, which was home to both of us. However, after a month of being back, the company Ken was working for renegotiated his contract causing us to have to look for alternative work. We saw God’s incredible kindness and faithfulness even in the uncertainty of the future and He lovingly provided a job for Ken in Cape Town, managing an amazing coffee shop called Truth. Definitely worth a visit.


So within a week of accepting the job we had packed up our things and made the great trek down to Cape Town. We ended up staying with a friend of ours during the initial trial period who has and still is a wonderful help at getting us acquainted with this incredible city.

We are settling into a church which, believe it or not, is called Jubilee! We actually went to several others first as we thought it was just such a strange coincidence. The transition has not been easy especially when we have been so spoilt by being part of such a wonderful church family. I had forgotten how long and how much time it takes to develop friendships, let alone deep ones.

God has also provided me with the most amazing teaching job. I am teaching Grade R boys at a fabulous school with the most amazing staff team. It all began when I was walking down the road one day and I heard children playing in a playground. The school over the road from where we were staying, which I thought was only a secondary school, turned out in fact to go right from Grade R to 12! So I popped in one day to hand in my CV in the hopes of doing some supply work. There I met a wonderful woman by the name of Jo, who has been a real woman of peace and a door opener for me. Later that year after many locum jobs – one being at a very orthodox Jewish school, I was offered a job teaching Grade R at SACS and I am just loving it. God is so kind and knows just what we need and love.

We had another big life change in January this year when Ken’s adopted daughter, Thandeka, cameto live with us. There have been highs and some lows along the way as we learn to navigate this newchapter of our lives. However, we know that this is part of His plan for both her and for us and so werely on His grace, wisdom and love to lead us each step of the way.

We love and miss our wonderful Maidstone family and if you are ever in Cape Town do come andvisit. We have great coffee 🙂

– Ken & Jen