What is Flame Christian Foundations?

Flame Christian Foundations is a ministry primarily set up to feed, take care of, encourage and build up the body of Christ at Jubilee Church, Maidstone, in accordance with the instruction of Jesus in his words to the Apostle Peter in
John 21:15-17.


For Beginners

This workshop has been specifically written for the new ‘Believer’. The person who has just committed their life to Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and is now known as a born-again Christian. The manual has been designed to run over seven weeks in a home group format with each week being a different module topic.

It has also been written for the person who is ignorant of what Christianity is and who God is. But, of course, anybody can read and work through it if they so desire!

It is also designed to help the new believer in their first steps in their faith walk to maturity and in their service to the Lord, and to help them better understand the nature and character of God the Father.

The workshop can also be used for those who would like a ‘refresher’ in the basic Christian foundations.

Topics Covered

Week 1: Who is God (The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit)?
Week 2: What does it mean to be born-again?
Week 3: What is the purpose of water baptism?
Week 4: What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Week 5: What is prayer?
Week 6: What is God’s family?
Week 7: What next?

Cost: £10 per delegate (to cover the cost of the printed manual)

"We want to see our family in Christ encouraged and built up so that they can reach their full potential and walk in their God-given destiny"

Fan Into Flame - Life In The Spirit

This workshop has been specifically written for the born-again Christian who has a burning desire to have a closer walk and fellowship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in order to:

  • Live life in the Spirit as Jesus did and to be more and more conformed to His image.
  • Manifest the Spiritual gifts in order to build up and edify the body of Christ – His Church.
  • Allow the fruit of the Spirit to be manifest in your daily walk with Christ as a matter of lifestyle and not effort.
  • Strengthen us in our ‘faith walk’ to maturity and help us live a Spirit filled, victorious life in Christ Jesus.
  • To be overcomers of the flesh

The workshop is intended to facilitate family (brothers and sisters in Christ) discussion around the scriptures provided, so please come prepared to fully participate. We will all learn from each other!

Cost: £10 per delegate (to cover the cost of the printed manual)

Course Schedule

Week 1: The Spirit filled life of Jesus
Examine through the scriptures the influence of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus.
Week 2: The Holy Spirit in the lives of the disciples
Examining the influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the disciples in the book of Acts.
Week 3: Romans 8
Paul’s teaching of ‘Life in the Spirit’ in Romans 8.
Week 4:The gifts of the Spirit
How the gifts of the Spirit play a significant role in a Christian’s daily lifestyle.
Week 5: The fruit of the Spirit
How the fruit of the Spirit are intended to influence our daily lives as born-again Christians.
Week 6: What should life in the Spirit look like for today’s believer – you and me?
A practical look at what the scriptures show us of what life in the Spirit should look like for today’s believer.
Week 7: Fan into Flame God’s Spirit within you – Fellowship with the Holy Spirit!
Examine what the scriptures reveal about our fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

N.B each session will last two hours

Fan Into Flame: Spiritual Warfare
Coming Soon

Fan Into Flame: Spiritual Warfare

Coming Soon

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If you would like to find out more about any of the courses, please speak to Ray Skilton or use this form to message him directly.


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