Qualified Counselling, Family Therapy and formal pastoral care.

In Jubilee Family Life Centre, we provide a range of therapeutic support. This can be formal pastoral care sessions, professional counselling or Family Therapy with one of our two qualified Family Therapists.

Formal Pastoral Care is different to the day-to-day informal pastoral care that happens organically throughout the church and will involve six one-hour weekly sessions on a one to one basis. A time of review will be held during the sixth session where further sessions will be offered if necessary. All of our Pastoral Care providers have, in addition to a love for Jesus and to see others walk in freedom, completed at least the 20-hour Association of Christian Counsellor’s Pastoral Care training.

Professionally-qualified counselling is also available for more complex difficulties with one of our qualified counsellors, including those qualified to Level 3 up to those qualified to Level 4 or above. This is provided in the same format as formal pastoral care via six one-hour sessions that will include a review during the final session so that further counselling support can be offered if required.

This support is available in the formats; the individual, the couple or the family.

For the Individual – individual counselling and formal pastoral care

The heart behind individual counselling and formal pastoral care is to support people towards living in wholeness and freedom through identifying and working through issues which are negatively affecting their lives. We want to see Christians living the Scripture, “So If the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:36 (NLT)

For the Couple – Professional counselling and formal pastoral

Professional counselling and formal pastoral for couples provides a caring and supportive environment to help couples find a way through difficulties they may be facing together. While concerns may be of a personal nature, we will spend time focusing on you both as a couple and how concerns are affecting your relationship together. Similarly, to individual pastoral care, six sessions are offered to you including a final review session.

For the Family – Family Therapy

All Family Therapy is provided by our qualified Family Therapists (Parent-Infant Therapist and Systemic Psychotherapist). As suggested Family Therapy focuses on the family. Sessions are offered over six weeks to help families build stronger relationships and work through a range of issues such as grief, loss, anger, anxiety and parent and child relationship difficulties. All significant family members are welcome to join a family session if they are willing to be open to change. Creative interventions are used in the work such as Family Trees, Family Sculpts and Brief Solution Based Techniques. Our Family Therapists have a keen desire to see families strengthened and moving forward together with healthy relationships and communication. We believe God designed the family unit as the building block for communities and as a place of warmth, security and love for its members.

The Jubilee Family Life Centre is led by Rob Clark, a qualified social worker and a former secondary school teacher and his wife Laura Clark, an experienced adult and child counsellor and qualified Parent-Infant Psychotherapist.