Masada is an action-packed week of extreme fun, deep friendships, teamwork and discovering more about God and who he made us to be.

Masada is for school years 7-13 and takes place every Summer. There’s nothing quite like camping together with a crowd of young people and enjoying awesome times of worship, challenging talks, wacky games and a change to kick back and reflect on the big questions of life.

Important news for 2018

Masada Youth Camp ‘on hold’ for Summer 2018

For more than a decade, Masada has been a significant date in the annual diaries ​of both Jubilee connected youth, and those involved in the running of Masada keen to support their journey of faith.

At present, we are considering plans for the camp’s long term future, pausing for 2018 but looking to restart in Summer of 2019.

We are humbled by the significant role Masada has played in the faith journey of many young people.

While we take time to ‘dream a new dream’ during the interim this summer, we are planning several youth activities under the Habitation banner for the youth to enjoy and remain connected: