What is MOSAIC?

Life is like a ‘MOSAIC’. We all come from different life paths, backgrounds and cultures, to create something wonderful and new together.

At MOSAIC we want to build community and offer a safe and welcoming place for older people to gather. We recognise that age does make a difference. People 30 years old are different from people 60 years old. Older adults think differently from younger adults.

Older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic in our society and in many churches. They are a “hidden treasure” of the church. We can’t ignore this important resource for church vitality and growth or the special gifts that older adults offer to Christ, the church and the community. Their life experience is invaluable to church life as a whole!

To meet over coffee and cake in a welcoming and friendly environment, and to engage in uplifting activities is a great opportunity to break into peoples’ often isolated lives and reach them with the love of Jesus.

We need one another (people need people), and this need, being met by the activities of MOSAIC, will express itself in healthy, nurturing and caring relationships. It provides an ideal opportunity to reach to unsaved, wider, older community. Our activities include talks, guest speakers, games, arts and crafts or outings, just to name but a few, while doing life together.

MOSAIC aims to form strong friendships and encourage each other to push deeper into a relationship with God. It’s never too late for God to transform our lives and the lives of others.

“It’s never too late for God to transform our lives and the lives of others.”

At MOSAIC, we want to facilitate a sensitive and open communication of the Gospel. We are trusting that MOSAIC will be a tool that God will use to serve the older and more mature generation both in and outside of Jubilee, and trust that they will experience the love of God and have a life-changing encounter with JESUS! We want to see the lost, older generation come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour! 

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 2 – 4pm, venue to be confirmed. For more information please come and talk to us!

– Article by Ray Skilton & Jutta Neumann