Communicate the Message

The heart of Production Team is to make sure the message gets across, whatever the medium.

Getting the message across means not only making the noise louder and the images brighter, but reflecting the truth of the gospel and the love of Christ by the way we relate to each other as a team, our heart in serving others, and by displaying excellence in the way the message is communicated through technology.

Within our team we have expertise in live sound, video playout, camera operation and live vision mixing, stage lighting, event logistics and many other aspects of production. Every Sunday the team serves to support the leaders and worship team, produce the celebration and broadcast live over the internet.

For larger Jubilee events we are usually part of the core team to help with all aspects of running the event. For smaller events and regular ministries within the church we provide training to equip the teams to run sound and lighting themselves. We serve at Church of the Nations events and support other churches and charities locally and internationally.

Get Involved

Even our younger members find a way to make themselves useful!

If you are passionate about communicating God’s truth to the church and to the world, and using technology to help do that, we would love to hear from you. Technical expertise is not essential – anyone who can update their Facebook status and send an email without technical support has the necessary skills to help with media projection and will get plenty of training to do more. Production Team is a great way to get involved with all aspects of church life.

To find out more, please see any of the Production Team members or email