Woodland Workers

On Saturday 19th January a hardy bunch from Jubilee and Kings Reach spent the morning transforming the area around the lake in Rutland Woods. The first task was to get the campfire lit and burning well. The second job was to get the kettle on!

Then knowing that supplies of teas, coffees and hot chocolate were assured, the workers set about clearing away the undergrowth and many of the young willow trees that had grown up around the shores of the lake blocking the view and shading the waters. While the powerful strimmers tackled the brambles etc around the lake, picnic site and roundhouse, another group raked out all the dead leaves, logs and branches from the stream that runs into the lake and then out the other side down towards the boundary of the woods. Other workers did a great job sawing down the trees and  hauling them and the vegetation over to the bonfire which soon reduced it all to a pile of ash and smoked us all out!

It was a morning of hard work interspersed with hot drinks, hot sausage rolls and cool biscuits enjoyed around the campfire sharing stories and drying out feet that got too far into the lake.

We were all amazed by how much we accomplished in such a short time and by what a good time it was.

C:\Family Stuff\Jubilee\Rutland Woods\Pics\IMG_20180526_1123338.jpg

A massive “Thank You” to all those who helped!

Please join us for the next work party (yes it’s work and yes it’s a party) February 23rd.