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Week 1 Understanding Genres Powerpoint

Week 2 Psalms Powerpoint

Week 2 Psalms LADROCK

Week 2 Proverbs Powerpoint

Week 2 Proverbs LADROCK

Week 2 Psalms and Proverbs Student Guide

Week 3 Song of Songs Powerpoint

Week 3 Song of Songs LADROCK

Week 3 Ecclesiastes Powerpoint

Week 3 Ecclesiastes Student Guide

Week 3 Ecclesiastes  LADROCK

Week 4 Northern Kingdom Powerpoint

Week 4 Northern Kingdom Student Guide

Week 4 Kings 1&2 LADROCk

Week 5 Hosea Student Guide

Week 5 Hosea Powerpoint

Week 5 Hosea LADROCK

Week 6 Southern Kingdom Student Guide

Week 6 Chronicles LADROCK

Week 6 Southern Kingdom Powerpoint

Week 7 Micah LADROCK

Week 7 Micah Student Guide

Week 7 Micah Powerpoint

Week8 Jeremiah LADROCK

Week 8 Jeremiah Powerpoint

Week 8 Jeremiah Student Guide

Week 9 Daniel LADROCK

Week 9 Daniel Powerpoint

Week 9 Daniel Student Guide

Week 10 Ezra Powerpoint

Week 10 Ezra LADROCK

Week 1o Ezra Student Guide

Week 11 Nehemiah LADROCK

Week 11 Nehemiah Powerpoint

Week 11 Nehemiah Student Guide