Our Heart

The Bible is not just another book, it is the inspired Word of God.

It was given to humanity to reveal Christ and show the way to an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. The Bible contains God’s truth that, when applied to our lives, brings redemption and life and freedom. Our passion at School Of The Word is that all followers of Christ would hunger for the Word and become more fully ‘conformed to the image of Christ’ as they read, understand and apply the truth of God’s Word to their lives.

Unlock the Bible

Our one year, part time course will help you unlock this ancient text.

Unlock the Bible equips students with skills and knowledge to open up a greater depth of understanding in God’s Word and its life-transforming power.

We take students through the narrative of the Bible, looking at selected books from Genesis to Revelation, helping students understand how the Bible fits together. Students learn about the different literary genres and explore important details that give context to what we are reading, such as authors, recipients and historical background.

Equipped for Life

Students are equipped with Inductive Study skills to aid their personal Bible study. Students learn how to Observe – Understand – Apply what they read in the scriptures, to help develop an approach that can lead to a lifetime of study in the scriptures.

Throughout the year, students are supported by experienced School of the Word staff to guide them in their personal learning and journey as the Holy Spirit opens up the Bible to them.

Students are encouraged to read the set Bible books or passages prior to coming together once a week for lectures. This weekly time with students and staff is a time for teaching, discussions and asking questions in a safe and encouraging learning community. Study material is provided for personal studies at home, allowing students to engage with God’s Word at their own pace, with the Holy Spirit as their guide.

Whether you’ve studied the Bible at great length, or lack confidence when you look at the books of the Bible, School of the Word’s Unlock the Bible is a way for you to refresh your knowledge and give a foundation of biblical understanding upon which to build.

Ready to Start?

Lecture times

Lectures are 7.15-9.45pm every Tuesday evening of the school term at the Jubilee Auditorium.

Attending every week is part of the commitment of joining the School, however it is possible to watch the live stream and download video and audio recordings to catch up if necessary.


You can sign up for the whole year for £270 (inclusive of 10% discount) or sign up per term – £100


You can sign up and pay via the Jubilee Events pages, but we would love to have a chat with you first – contact Mel Lewis via the Jubilee Office.