BBQ This Sunday Celebration

BBQ This Sunday Celebration

Mark this in your calendar! We’re having Celebration at the new building on the 23rd June 11am. £1 for a burger/sausage per person, and some extra change for drinks. There will also be gluten-free sausages available.

Tell your friends so they don’t turn up at the wrong venue! We look forward to seeing you there this sunny Sunday.

Address: Birchholt Road, ME15 9XY

Parkwood BBQ

Parkwood BBQ

God answered Habakkuk in Chapter 2:2 “Write the vision, and make it plain…”

At the moment we are ‘Jubilee Church on the move’ both spiritually and physically. This piece of God’s wisdom we can apply to many areas. We have begun the move to Tree Tops School, our temporary home, but even now the next move after that is upon us.

So it was with great excitement and not a little trepidation that we gathered on the 19th of July at what will be our next church home in Parkwood.  Here the vision stood clearly before us.  There were several guided tours of the building laying out once again what was going where and what each area would become.  As I stood there, mainly looking through BBQ smoke, I couldn’t help but wonder how many lives would be impacted and changed as a result of us making this move?  Suddenly my visionary glasses were in place and I could see a transformed building, a place where Jesus Christ was worshipped and adored, a place where people were loved and cared for.

An army, so I am told, marches on its stomach! Well Jubilee is no different! My willing band of merry little barbequers cooked 160 pork sausages, 160 burgers and 8kilos of onions!  My thanks goes to Wikus, Roger and Ade for their sterling efforts on the fire front and to Becky and Ibi who served everyone so well with great smiles.

It was also an evening to stake our tent pegs in the ground. Thankfully the sun hadn’t baked the ground too hard and we were able to take our pegs with our names and scriptures and hammer them in. For me it was a significant act. It said I am willing, I want to be part of this, I am prepared to be part of the effort to see this come about. It was great to see so many pegs in the ground.

It was so important for us as a Church to stand there, to be thankful for the provision of the building, but also for each one of us to see it. For some it was a reminder, for others it was a new sight. But now the vision is clear!

– An article by Susie Steele