Family Overseas: Part 5 – Ken & Jen Walton

Family Overseas: Part 5 – Ken & Jen Walton

I can’t quite believe that it has been 18 months since being in the UK, It feels like it was only a few
months ago that we left, but so much has changed.

We are currently living and working in the beautiful city of Cape Town which is far from what we ever imagined or expected. We started our journey in KwaZulu Natal, which was home to both of us. However, after a month of being back, the company Ken was working for renegotiated his contract causing us to have to look for alternative work. We saw God’s incredible kindness and faithfulness even in the uncertainty of the future and He lovingly provided a job for Ken in Cape Town, managing an amazing coffee shop called Truth. Definitely worth a visit.


So within a week of accepting the job we had packed up our things and made the great trek down to Cape Town. We ended up staying with a friend of ours during the initial trial period who has and still is a wonderful help at getting us acquainted with this incredible city.

We are settling into a church which, believe it or not, is called Jubilee! We actually went to several others first as we thought it was just such a strange coincidence. The transition has not been easy especially when we have been so spoilt by being part of such a wonderful church family. I had forgotten how long and how much time it takes to develop friendships, let alone deep ones.

God has also provided me with the most amazing teaching job. I am teaching Grade R boys at a fabulous school with the most amazing staff team. It all began when I was walking down the road one day and I heard children playing in a playground. The school over the road from where we were staying, which I thought was only a secondary school, turned out in fact to go right from Grade R to 12! So I popped in one day to hand in my CV in the hopes of doing some supply work. There I met a wonderful woman by the name of Jo, who has been a real woman of peace and a door opener for me. Later that year after many locum jobs – one being at a very orthodox Jewish school, I was offered a job teaching Grade R at SACS and I am just loving it. God is so kind and knows just what we need and love.

We had another big life change in January this year when Ken’s adopted daughter, Thandeka, cameto live with us. There have been highs and some lows along the way as we learn to navigate this newchapter of our lives. However, we know that this is part of His plan for both her and for us and so werely on His grace, wisdom and love to lead us each step of the way.

We love and miss our wonderful Maidstone family and if you are ever in Cape Town do come andvisit. We have great coffee 🙂

– Ken & Jen

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Family Overseas Part 4: The Moores

We arrived in Canada 6-months ago to the biting cold of winter, with temperatures dropping to -15 at night.

We arrived in Canada 6-months ago to the biting cold of winter, with temperatures dropping to -15 at night. In our first few months we’ve experienced 2ft of snow, a flood and a severe wind storm, so we certainly know what Canadian weather can be like! Thankfully we are now in spring, and everything has come to life!

Canada felt like home from the start and we were welcomed into the church and the community. We have already made some fantastic friends and feel at home in the church here. There are many similarities to Jubilee, and it’s great to see God doing similar things on opposite sides of the world!

We have a lovely home in a great area and feel really settled. One of the words God gave us before we moved was that he was moving us to wide open spaces to give us room to breathe, and it certainly feels like it! We have a great outside space with huge skies and Toby now has the giant trampoline he has always wanted! We were very fortunate to be given a minivan when we got here. It’s a bit of a banger, but starts nearly every time! We’ve been doing some adventuring around Ontario already, though the huge roads in our temperamental van are a little daunting! Our 2-hour trip north for Abby and Jacob’s wedding was exciting to say the least!

Both kids are doing well and Toby is now part of a Christian school in Brantford. It’s been very different as he now takes a big yellow school bus, something that felt very alien when we moved! We visited the Christian school when we first arrived, and instantly fell in love with the culture and education on offer. The only trouble is it cost a lot of money each term to send the kids there, as it is not one of the public schools. The day after our tour of the school, we prayed that God would show us if it was the right thing for us to sacrifice some finance for the sake of the kid’s education. The very next morning I got a call from my boss who gave me a pay-rise for the exact amount needed for the school fees! God is good!

God spoke very clearly to us that we should be here, and so we obediently came, but as for what’s next we are still waiting to find out. We can see a number of areas where we can help, but for now the leadership of the church wants us to rest and listen to God.

Please pray for more guidance from Him and a deeper settling for the kids (and us!) We are still on Facebook etc. so do say hello 🙂


All our love

Will, Lyds, Toby and Megan

Family Overseas Part 3: Abby & Jacob Wilson

Family Overseas Part 3: Abby & Jacob Wilson

Hello all!

Life in Canada…wow, we are loving it. God has put this little community of Claremont on Jacobs heart since he was a boy, and ever since I moved here I have loved it more and more every day.

I’ve been here for a year now and have seen so much of Gods favour going ahead of us.

I’ve been here for a year now and have seen so much of God’s favour going ahead of us. One way is with my health. 2017 seemed to be the worst year for me pain wise (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) and it got to a point where we were planning for me to fly back to England for treatment with the NHS. The treatment I needed was un-affordable without having permanent residency in Canada. Jacob’s parents (Craig and Stacy) called for an evening of prayer for my health with the whole church.

I was blown away that people already cared for me so much! On that night we received a call from Jacob’s aunt who is a doctor and she said she had been speaking to the head of the Rheumatology department in our local hospital, who was willing to ask for ‘compassionate care’ for me to start a new treatment in Canada. This treatment was better than what I would have been given in the UK, and within a few months I had access to it, completely for free! I have been treated no differently to a patient who has health coverage, and within two weeks of being on it, it has given me so much pain relief that I often forget to take it because the pain isn’t there as a constant reminder! I haven’t had such little daily pain since before I was diagnosed in January 2013. It has meant I have been able to get up and about in the community here and be involved in Life Church in the capacity I feel God is leading me to, without being held back by pain and fatigue. 

Jacob is doing well, we have been married for almost two months now and are already very settled into enjoying married life together, what a gift from God.

He has a great job installing doors that are worth amounts of money I cannot even spell! He has a great relationship with his boss and the hours work well with what we love doing with the church too. We were blessed to find an apartment in the centre of Claremont and love being close to the family and to the Church. We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers and for the friendships that continue overseas.

Please come and visit! 

– Abby Wilson


Family Overseas Part 2: Ralf, Daniela, Clara & Rosa Helfrich

Family Overseas Part 2: Ralf, Daniela, Clara & Rosa Helfrich

A year has gone by since we waved our goodbyes and left Maidstone with tons of precious memories in our suitcases.

God has filled our 14 years in the UK with so many good things and relationships and we are still so grateful for sharing life all these years with you Jubilee guys!

In a lot of ways moving back to Germany seemed like stepping out of the safe boat onto the water. The only thing we had waiting for us was a church, the Vineyard Würzburg, which we felt God had clearly spoken for to be a support for the Vision and Leaders there. But it still took lots of faith and patience to build a new life here.

We couldn’t find a house to rent at first, so some catholic nuns invited us to stay with them. The way the took us in was like Jesus welcoming us back to Germany – they just loved us. It took eight months to find a house, but finally God gave us a home, where we could really settle. And it’s big enough for more than just us – so our house is always full of visitors, friends, family and lodgers.

Ralf is working in three Day Care Centres for elderly people – and its great to see how the musical Oldies he sings with them brings a smile to their face remembering the good old times. Daniela works in a home for especially vulnerable refugees – a job she loves so much she would even do it without being paid. Clara has unfortunately forgotten all her English – no wait, the other day she said: Mummy, I DO still know English: hello and “Buon Giorno…(!)”. Rosa is discovering her own little will big time and is now the oldest in her play group. They feel really at home and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle here.


Although the Vineyard Church is very different from Jubilee, we have never had a doubt that its been the right time and place to move here. We have spent lots of time getting to know the people in the body before taking on any responsibility. Only recently now we started a house-group project with Alex Jäger – who some of you might still know from School of the Word. Ralf is involved with the worship bands again and is part of the “Prophetic Team”. We also preached as a couple for the first time last week.


It’s good to be back home, although it took us quite some time to feel at “home” in Germany again. Looking back its not been the easiest year but one of the most adventurous and filled with Gods surprises and provision – we can truly say, He has been so good to us! We are grateful how God has prepared us, called us and planted us here in our home soil again.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying, visiting, been friends, send messages and encouraged us! You guys will forever be part of who we are! Love you!

– Ralf & Daniela Helfrich


acts life cluster time in devon

Acts Life Cluster Time in Devon

‘The building of His church within Acts Life Cluster has been activated’

Before I get into talking about the primary focus of the family time away, Rani and I must speak well of the Jubilee team along with their contribution to facilitate such an outstanding and inspiring time at the Acts Life Cluster time in Devon. The entire experience was really first class, from the venue, to our accommodation, along with the hard work of staff team at Sidholme Hotel, who attended to our needs with excellence.

The conference programme ran at an exceptionally profitable speed which allowed time for what we feel is the core ingredient of a memorable occasion, the ability to develop relationships with God and men.  This article will not permit me the time to divulge all of what took place during the weekend, but we are happy to report that the clans at the Acts Life Cluster are preparing for the release of the new sound, the new wine and the new move of the Holy Spirit. Many times during the weekend it felt like Father wanted to do something very special in and through His children.

Many seemed to sense that something incredible is about to take place, not only in the spiritual realm or within the Acts Life Cluster, but within ministries, families and people. Maybe we are beginning to understand that His timing is everything.

The scheduling of the sessions meant there was plenty of time to reflect, reveal, respond and be revitalised. The theme of this Cluster time was titled ‘Accelerating the Dream’. It seemed each speaker allowed the Spirit of God to create momentum for the following speaker, which generated a real foundation for our ability to hear and receive. Each song service seemed to touch the heart of God which allowed Him to touch our hearts in return, which in turn opened our ears to hear what the Spirit would say. We heard the call for the prophetic Word to come back to the body. We heard that Father wants to release the commissioning of the sons by the fathers. We heard that God wants to touch the Seven Mountain mandate with His anointed vessels.


The time has come to set a new sail as the Spirit is moving. Joshua Pattison during his session said,

“to walk in the fullness of the cycle, you have to become a son”.

That’s what we personally have received as the golden nugget of our time together. I encourage you to listen to the recordings of this Cluster time to find yours.

We enjoyed meeting new people and reconnecting with others. We ate with many, went to the beach with others, and enjoyed sharing stories with others. We got to know others in a deeper way. We went swimming with some, we laughed with some, we cried with some, washed the feet of some, but were ministered to and refreshed by everyone. The building of His church within Acts Life Cluster has been activated.

-Calvin and Rani (Lead couple at SevenPillars)


Pod Article

POD 2018

POD has kicked off the New Year with many new and exciting developments. The first being the launch of Seedlings for 2 to 4 year olds (see Anni’s article for info).

All our children are now included for the beginning of Celebration – a new approach to Children’s Ministry with an emphasis on being together as FAMILY and an opportunity for our young ones to grow in their faith through the example of their parents and church family.

Sprout (Years R to 3) and Thrive (Years 4 to 6) have started Term 2 with our new curriculum. This curriculum endeavours to teach Biblical truths in engaging and age appropriate ways. It also helps us to support families at home by providing children with weekly devotionals that relate to the lesson, along with information for parents about what we have been learning so you can carry on the conversation at home.

We hope that you will enjoy all of these new developments!

– Mel Lewis, POD Leader



“The greatest encouragement you can give your child for life has little to do with material security, but it is the confidence that GOD is GOOD and is HIS FATHER.”

For a long time now I had it on my heart to work with the little ones. Seeing how my own 3 year old son engages with the Bible stories we read at home reminded me that this age is so precious and we can’t miss the opportunity to start teaching our little ones how great God is, from early on.

Seedlings will be run alternate weeks at 10:30am for ages 2 – 4 (2 year old’s need to be with a parent). We will sing songs and listen to a Bible story, and there will be time for a lot of playing and painting. Oh, and by the way – no more biscuits and squash, our snack time is fruit and water! I am really excited about what God wants to do with our little ones and I’ll see you upstairs.


– Anni Garcia, Seedlings Leader