Family Overseas Part 2: Ralf, Daniela, Clara & Rosa Helfrich

Family Overseas Part 2: Ralf, Daniela, Clara & Rosa Helfrich

A year has gone by since we waved our goodbyes and left Maidstone with tons of precious memories in our suitcases.

God has filled our 14 years in the UK with so many good things and relationships and we are still so grateful for sharing life all these years with you Jubilee guys!

In a lot of ways moving back to Germany seemed like stepping out of the safe boat onto the water. The only thing we had waiting for us was a church, the Vineyard Würzburg, which we felt God had clearly spoken for to be a support for the Vision and Leaders there. But it still took lots of faith and patience to build a new life here.

We couldn’t find a house to rent at first, so some catholic nuns invited us to stay with them. The way the took us in was like Jesus welcoming us back to Germany – they just loved us. It took eight months to find a house, but finally God gave us a home, where we could really settle. And it’s big enough for more than just us – so our house is always full of visitors, friends, family and lodgers.

Ralf is working in three Day Care Centres for elderly people – and its great to see how the musical Oldies he sings with them brings a smile to their face remembering the good old times. Daniela works in a home for especially vulnerable refugees – a job she loves so much she would even do it without being paid. Clara has unfortunately forgotten all her English – no wait, the other day she said: Mummy, I DO still know English: hello and “Buon Giorno…(!)”. Rosa is discovering her own little will big time and is now the oldest in her play group. They feel really at home and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle here.


Although the Vineyard Church is very different from Jubilee, we have never had a doubt that its been the right time and place to move here. We have spent lots of time getting to know the people in the body before taking on any responsibility. Only recently now we started a house-group project with Alex Jäger – who some of you might still know from School of the Word. Ralf is involved with the worship bands again and is part of the “Prophetic Team”. We also preached as a couple for the first time last week.


It’s good to be back home, although it took us quite some time to feel at “home” in Germany again. Looking back its not been the easiest year but one of the most adventurous and filled with Gods surprises and provision – we can truly say, He has been so good to us! We are grateful how God has prepared us, called us and planted us here in our home soil again.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying, visiting, been friends, send messages and encouraged us! You guys will forever be part of who we are! Love you!

– Ralf & Daniela Helfrich