Life is like a mosaic.

We all come from different life paths, backgrounds and cultures to create something diverse, wonderful and new. We are a group of older people that have a passionate desire to reach out to the community with the love of Christ and add value to peoples’ lives. Our heart is to build community together and offer a safe, nurturing and welcoming place for us older folk to gather. 

As we are the fastest-growing age demographic in our society and in many churches, we believe our life experience is invaluable to church life as a whole – a “hidden treasure”! We see this as an ideal opportunity for us to come together, and reach an unsaved, wider, senior community! At present we are more Jubilee Church focused, but things are in motion to reach the community around us.

At MOSAIC, we want to facilitate a sensitive and open communication of the Gospel to unsaved people. Forming strong friendships with one another, with like-minded organisations in our local community and to encourage each other to push deeper into a relationship with God. We believe that it’s never too late for God to transform lives, at whatever stage of life.

We trust that MOSAIC will be a tool that God will use to serve the older and more mature generation both in and outside of Jubilee – without strings attached. We are trusting that all will experience the love of God and have a life-changing encounter with JESUS!

We want to see the lost, older generation come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

Current activities

• Care Home one to one visits with their elderly, bedridden residents.

For more details contact Ray:


Walking The Way

Walking The Way

‘Walking The Way’ with Dave Cape

We have an exciting opportunity, right on our doorstep, to link up with Dave Cape as he obediently walks with his cross and bowl this side of the world. Watch the video below as Dave explains the heart behind ‘Walking The Way’.

This is the first time Dave will bring his cross and bowl on mission to the South East of England. It is so timely for where we are as a church and is an incredible opportunity. Not everyone is going to be involved in everything, but we want to ask you to seek God and ask Him how you can help. Now is the time for us to ask “Lord how do you want to use me? What is my part to play?”

Dave and Carol arrived Thursday 25th April for a scouting trip, walking and cycling the Pilgrims Way in preparation for the main mission on 23rd August until the end of September 2019. Kim Godden generously loaned a couple of bikes for this trip – thank you, Kim!

Getting Involved

We will be hosting an information afternoon on Saturday 4th May, 2-4pm at ‘Caldicotts’(the Pattisons’ home) for those interested in being involved in ‘Walking the Way.’ There are some specific ways you can help and support.

Over the duration of the walk, a number of churches will be invited to join at different locations. Most of The Way will be walking, and we really believe that it will be a prophetic statement of God turning hearts back to Him, and seeing a new wave of the Spirit come in our nation. Also, Dave being Dave is an evangelist. If he meets somebody and feels the leading of the Spirit, he’s going to want to talk and pray with people. He will often just stop on the roadside, put water in the bowl and wash people’s feet ministering to them. We’ve never been on one of these missions but the stories we have heard have been absolutely incredible, how God just touches people and reveals Himself to them in such an amazing way – here’s your chance to be a part of it!

Due to the nature of the mission, Dave requires specific skills and available people during the course of the walk. Below are the various skill sets needed. Please be prayerfully considering if one of these aspects could be something you’d be able to contribute towards:

Road Team
Walkers and water tank carriers as Dave carries the cross and bowl, as it is quite remote on Pilgrims Way. Requirements: Two strong guys 40 years and under, who are strong and able to carry the water containers. Dave doesn’t know how many times he is going to stop each day or where the Spirit is going to take him specifically, but he needs people who are able to carry the water tanks. He is asking that they can be available for one week at a time.

Press Officers
People who can liaise with media, PR, radio stations, TV, local newspapers, write press releases as well as contacting and liaising with local churches in each of the areas Dave is going to be walking.

Social Media Officer
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, etc.

Are you good at taking pictures (high resolution, variety and good angles)? Dave loves it if people can come with him and capture moments and the experiences they have along the way. That’s both stills and video.

Visitor Co-ordinator
This is big job. Somebody to co-ordinate groups, churches and individuals. They will handle timings and locations for the visitors. This role will involve working out roughly where Dave is going to be along the road, where people can stay on the route and be the point of contact for people to liaise on those details.

Ask God What is My Part to Play?
In preparation, please be praying about it; both for the mission and whether you can make time available to help in any of these roles or any other way? We would encourage you to engage in prayer, and not to resign yourself to just sitting back and watching! Ask God “what part do You want me to play?” God prompted Estelle from Pathways Church to prayerfully walk the route. So this last week, she completed the whole route, praying over the various areas she walked through. God used this time to show her specific things/strongholds in different towns and villages we can be praying into. Please carry the mission in your heart – be praying for Dave and Carol as they scout this week and for protection over them. Neil has joined Dave for the scouting trip.

The Turning London Launch

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The focus of the Turning is discipleship, which is a key element in church culture. Discipleship is taking care of and looking out for one another, taking responsibility for those God brings across our paths and those in the community. We are going to see people turn to Christ and that is just the beginning, then discipleship starts! For ‘The Turning’ launch, this looks like multiple churches from 23 Boroughs of London simultaneously share the Gospel, united in preparation, delivery, and follow-up, to see thousands of people saved and discipled. Our friend, Alex Afriyie, who heads up London Network Church (another COTN church), will be involved in this movement.

Praise God that things are happening, things are on the move! The Lord is preparing the way and drawing people to himself and allowing us to be part of the process. We were excited to recently hear that two of Chloe’s university friends gave their lives to Christ through her involvement. One was a result of Chloe answering questions about faith via social media, with them finally concluding that “I’m on the outside of this house looking in the living room, it is not just enough to look in, I have to open the door and go in.”

This is something for us to get excited about! Let’s engage with what God is doing and let’s allow ourselves to go with the flow of the Spirit and take up that responsibility because we are called to be fishers of men.

The London launch of ‘The Turning’ will take place on the 23rd-28th of September. Dave’s arrival in London will mark the end of the Pilgrims Way Walk, and coincide with the London launch of The Turning. Please be praying. If that’s something specifically that you would like to be involved in, please let us know at ‘The Turning’ week will end with a specific weekend event in London which would be great to be a part of. We would love as many Jubilee and Acts Life Cluster people to join us in going to London to support this event and praise God for the work that He has been done throughout the week.

Neil & Hazel

“I Am He” – Article by Adam Doggett

“I Am He” – Article by Adam Doggett

‘I am He’ was a Waypoint production exploring who Jesus is and what it means to have a personal relationship with him.

It was great fun getting together with a few friends, who are extremely talented performers, to put this event on at Maidstone Family Church. The show was made up of a series of stand-alone performance pieces, including drama, poetry and music, which each told a story in its own right, but when placed together followed a central theme throughout the evening. We explored ideas of good and bad choices, purpose, breaking down and re-building, laying burdens before God and facing persecution. I loved the way that each piece was presented in a different style as Barnaby, Kellie, Jamie, Selby and myself all brought a different flavour. It’s important to bring those different styles because the audience is made up of individuals who will connect with and relate to different parts of the show. I like using metaphors, symbolism and a subtle underlying meaning, so a lot of my work comes forward in the form of allegories. Others have very different ways of storytelling, which is fantastic!

He has laid a number of stories on my heart over the last few months, so it was really special to perform those in front of an audience for the first time.

I am passionate about the creative arts, drama in particular, because it has the power to make me see things in a different way, to view life from a different perspective and to bypasses my sceptical and over-analytical nature to connect in a profound and emotional way. God has taken me on quite a journey to bring me to a place of putting on something
like this. He has laid a number of stories on my heart over the last few months, so it was really special to perform those in front of an audience for the first time. I also had the opportunity to bring out an oldie that I’ve performed before in other contexts, but I love it, so it was great doing it again!


The title of the show, ‘I am He’, was based on John 4, where Jesus speaks to the woman at the well. During their conversation, they talk about what true worship is and Jesus explains that he is the Messiah, the one who brings living water, the one who was promised. This really captures the heart of the event as everyone involved brought their own specific gifts as an act of worship, to glorify God and tell of his greatness. I was very encouraged to receive positive feedback, with people saying how enjoyable and thought provoking they found the evening!

It was evident that God was present amongst us and it’s so great to see God stirring people to use their gifts for his glory. We find ourselves in a really special time within Waypoint and in Jubilee where there is space for people to step out in faith and pursue what God has called them to. As for me, I will continue to use drama to tell God stories, and look forward to seeing how he uses that in the future.

– Adam Doggett