Rutland Woods | Work Party Results

Rutland Woods | Work Party Results

A message from Tim Biddlecombe | 6th July 2020

A huge thank you to everyone who helped at the Woods on Saturday, and to Gwyneth for the amazing fridge cake and blueberry muffins. If you weren’t there, you really missed out!

As well as some general tidying up, we now have created 3 separate areas; two around the lake, and one at the top end of the wood. Each has its own fire pit and seating. The walkways between these areas have been cleared and widened.
The largest of the sites near the parachute canopy is a great place for camping, and the others for meeting with home group, family or friends for a camp fire.

When I volunteered to help manage the woods, I was surprised that Neil described it as a ministry, but soon came to realise that it really is. For some of the young people from King’s Reach, it may be their only place of safety, peace and contact with Christians. For others it is a place of reflection and connecting with God, or a time of fun and fellowship with friends, Home Groups and families in a unique and special environment.

So please make use of the woods. You can reserve your time there through the office at

Left uncared for the undergrowth would soon cover the paths and choke the beautiful flowers; the lake would become virtually invisible and the open spaces smothered in brambles. So our next work party is on Saturday August the 8th.

Contact Tim at or the Jubilee Office if you are interested in being involved.

The newly cleared camping and picnic area close to the lake
Campfire site at the other end of the lake.