Jubilee Leadership School Launch

Jubilee Leadership School Launch

On 25th September, Jubilee Leadership School launched its year-long curriculum with the first of two evenings open for the whole congregation.

The course is designed to take people on a journey of discipleship through teaching and discussion groups with fellow participants, aiming to equip on principles of leadership that are applicable in everyday life and individual’s specific places of influence.

The first term will focus on some of the foundations of the Kingdom and leadership within its context. We started with going right back to the start of how and why we were created – in God’s image, for relationship with Him first and foremost. The first week comprised of two sessions. In the first session, Dan Maudhub looked at the very beginning of God creating man in His image and speaking out His blessing over him. The Kingdom of God is based on relationship, which is demonstrated within the Godhead itself first. This relationship is what Jesus came to restore and is the very essence of His Kingdom.

“This relationship is what Jesus came to restore and is the very essence of His Kingdom.”

From there we moved on to looking at our identity as citizens of Heaven. Neil Pattison unpacked what it means to belong to the Kingdom, identifying with its customs, characteristics and Christ-likeness. Being a citizen of the Kingdom means we submit every part of our lives to the King. As we do, we enter a relationship as sons and daughters with a loving Father who disciplines and guides and we are transformed day by day into the image of Christ. Feedback we’ve had from the first evening is exactly what we hope this course will mean for those who join us. People have found it refreshing to go “back to the basics” of God’s Kingdom, looking at what the Bible actually shows us in its essence. As well as that, the format of looking at one subject (or at first two) per evening means there is more time to focus on it and discuss in greater depth in small groups.


The first night was a success and we look forward to the process God is taking us on as we step out to equip and disciple people in their journey of leadership. The actual Leadership Course will start on 9th October, so it’s not to late to sign up and embark on a new adventure. For more details, check out https://jubilee.co/whats-on/ or email dan.maudhub@jubilee.co


Article by Emma Wilson