An article by Trevor Warner

Some of the most important questions in the world revolve around the meaning of life and what happens after we die. As Christians, we believe that God loves us and wants us to spend our lives in relationship with Him, now and for eternity.

As Christians, we are aware that we don’t deserve this unity, as we have done things in our lives that reject God, hurt others and hurt ourselves. However, the beautiful, amazing love of God was to give His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay for the wrong things we have done and provide the only way for us to go to be in relationship with Him. If we put our faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection, He forgives us and we can be assured of an eternity spent with Him.

A number of churches in Maidstone were challenged in 2019 by how we are helping people think about where they will spend eternity. We recognised that we are not asking people this question on the streets. So we decided to go out on the streets of Maidstone and ask people the following, “If you died tonight, would you be certain that you would be with God in heaven?”
This question gets right to the heart of the issue that we all have to think about. It is the Big Question.  

Many of us have never talked to people on the streets. It is something that we might even find scary. So The Big Question team held an evening of equipping to give us tools for how to begin this conversation. We were reminded that we are going out to share God’s message of love and hope with a world that so desperately needs it.

On one Saturday morning in January eight of us planned to go out on the street. We gathered together to pray for the morning before going out into the town. We sought God to lead us to people, and guide our conversations. I went with another man and we started praying about who we should talk to. I stopped one young man who showed a lot of a surprise on his face when I asked him the Big Question. He shared that he had stopped going to church because God wasn’t answering his prayer for a job. I offered to pray for him and this young man agreed. I prayed for him on the street. Another team met a lady at a bus stop. They started talking to her and were able to lead her in prayer to become a Christian.

So why not come and ask people in Maidstone the Big Question and trust and see if God will move among those who are looking for hope in their lives and asking the important questions of life.