In current circumstances, we are using Zoom to connect together on Sundays at 10:30am. The meetings will still be recorded and uploaded onto the website under the AM Celebration podcast feed.
Zoom link:

If you have a personal Zoom account or app on your device, please make sure you are logged out before clicking the link to join. This should avoid you having to fill in meeting ID and password. Email if you have any questions.

Jubilee Live Studios Update

If you have any of the skills listed below and can help please contact the office listing when you are available and what you can help with:

  • Painting and decorating the stage
  • Removal of floorboards and laying of insulation
  • Gardening skills to tidy up vegetation surrounding Business Centre and Hub
  • Window cleaning
  • Provision of snacks
  • Qualified Electrician or Plumber (both skills offered already)

As a biblical principle we want Jubilee folk to offer their time and skills voluntarily, work as worship, and take responsibility for a building we all own. It makes a difference when you have personally worked on a property given over to the glory of God and the work of His Kingdom.

If you cannot physically do any work then please visit and see the improvements. We need to purchase many materials so if you want to give to the project gift aid to the following account:

Jubilee Church | 40-31-06 | 02726130 | Ref: Studio

Thanks for all your love, support and commitment. It is happening!

Wednesday Power Hour of Prayer

Join us for our an hour of prayer on Wednesday 4th November from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Zoom link:

Rutland Woods Work Party 7th Nov

If you like making and standing watching a large bonfire you missed a treat at our recent work party in Rutland Woods

However, there will be another chance as we still have lots of brushwood to clear and burn, so make a note in your diaries that the next work party will be on Nov 7th and we hope to make a proper bonfire and share some hot dogs, marshmallows etc. to all our volunteers.

The spread of Ash dieback is causing a lot of concern and regretfully we have had to cordon off the worst affected area around the pond and where the parachute was, due to several trees becoming unsafe. Ash is naturally a brittle wood and when it is infected with dieback there is a very real risk that branches, or whole trees, could suddenly fall without warning. We are making arrangements to have a number of trees felled and then we will allow the area around the pond to regenerate. Please do keep away from this area until we have completed all this work. When it is finished it will provide a very pleasant and more open area for relaxing by the water. The new camp fire area to the left of the main track is available for groups to use. The picture shows the area which we cleared on Saturday, but unfortunately most of the trees will have to be felled.

Finally a huge thank you to all those who have come along and helped during the last few months, and we look forward to welcoming new volunteers over the winter

Prayer Triplets

Prayer triplet is made up of three people who have decided to come together to spend time praying together on a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly basis for a period of 45 minutes to 1 hour at such times. Click here for prayer points for the month of September.

The three people can comprise of your family members or friends or someone you would like to walk with as this time or this season. Prayer triplets will operate on a quarterly basis with the first of it, holding from September to November with a break in December and the next one starting in January to March etc

In line with government guidelines at this time, we would expect triplets to function by :

  1. Triplets should meet together in socially distanced environments such as gardens or parks or open spaces where possible
  2. Triplets can also meet via zoom calls, telephone calls or WhatsApp calls if preferable
  3. Triplets should hold for between 45 minutes to 1 hour at the most
  4. Triplets should meet bi-weekly or at the most weekly as it suits the group
  5. Prayer points will be sent out at the beginning of each month from the church office to everyone. (please if you do not currently receive emails from the church office, please forward your email to and a weekly reminder about the prayer triplet prayers will also be sent to you via email from the church office.
  6. Apart from the prayer points that will be communicated to the body, Triplets, should also look to also pray for any 2 people (outside their group) every time they meet. Just to lift those people up and pray on their behalf.

Mature Open-minded Sociable Adults In Connection

Mosaic runs every second Tuesday at 11am. During this time of lockdown, we are using Zoom to connect with one another.

For more info contact Ray & Jacqui Skilton on ray.skilton

New to Jubilee or not quite sure how to access all the resources available on our website? Have a look at this video above that shows you how to navigate your way around.

Prayer for our Parkwood Home

As a Jubilee family, we have been praying more specifically into various areas of our new home-in-process in Parkwood.
If you haven’t received one of the leaflets handed out, please ask the Welcome Team on a Sunday morning.

Prayer points
– Wisdom for the elders & project team as they lead the project.
– For the right building contractor to be appointed.
– Favour with the local contractors.
– Finance.
– Safety of those who work on-site.
– For the project to run smoothly from start to finish with no delays.

Join us as we trust God together to see our new home built to be a place where He is glorified and made known to the community around us.

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